Monday, October 12, 2015

New Product and New Look

A big thank you goes out to Danielle at Crayonbox Learning for our new blog design! Love it! She's such a hard worker. Check out her blog!

Along with our new look, we also (finally) have a new product listed.

Multiplication can be challenging for our students. Why not make it fun? This set gives teachers and students lots of different options for multiplication fact practice.


Here's a little freebie from the set-- our Multiplication Progress Tracker (or, as our kids called it, their Multiplication Sticker Charts). For some of my students, we filled in the squares when they mastered a fact. For others, we put stickers over the squares. It was so motivating! It also worked as a great assessment tool for me, a good self-assessment for students, and parents appreciated being able to see which facts they could help their child study at home.

Download the freebie here.


The whole set contains 160+ pages of practice for facts 0x-12x. Here's what you can find in the whole set--

Set includes the following:
Multiplication set includes the following:
Multiplication Study Guides
Multiplication Practice Circles
Multiplication Matching
Horizontal Multiplication Practice
Vertical Multiplication Practice
Multiplication Facts
Hands-on cut and glue multiplication flaps
Multiplication Mastered/Need to Study Self-assessments
Multiplication club motivation system
Multiplication prize ribbons for fact mastery

Check it out here:

I love to teach this along with skip counting songs from Have Fun Teaching! The "Counting by Threes" video is my favorite. I can even rap it solo now. My class laughs at me. #nerdyteacher

Have fun!