Sunday, July 8, 2018

I'm baaaaack!

Hey, peach pals!

I haven't blogged in two years... mega oops. I had a baby, if that explains things lol.

But I'm back and I have a few new blog post ideas up my sleeve. Stay tuned.

First, I thought I'd share my end of the year parent gifts. I put them on TPT (here) for $1 just in case anybody also wants to buy the charms ($4.99 on Amazon for SEVENTY of them... You read that right lol. I bought them and they're legit.) to keep it affordable. Because you know you're going to raid Target this summer for your classroom, no matter how much you try to resist.

Yeah, this waaaayyy too true.
Meme Credit: Digital: Divide and Conquer

Sigh. Anyway, here's what the end of year gifts look like if you'd like to check them out. I also made one shaped like an apple and threw in one that has an apple printed on it in case you don't want to buy the charms.

See what I did there, Applegate? Tee hee hee. Figured I had to throw a mom joke in there since I'm a mom now.

Gotta run. Thanks for reading!

Be back soon,