Sunday, October 27, 2013

Math Fishing & Pick Up Ducks!

Students love learning using our inflatable pool! In a multi-age classroom, it's hard to find an activity that everyone can play with a format that is visually similar. I've created an activity that is perfect for differentiated fun!


Pick Up Ducks

I got this duck pond on (see link below). I fill it with an inch or so of water so it doesn't make a mess. I put weighted ducks in it. Non-weighted rubber ducks topple over. Learned that the hard way!

On the bottom of each duck, I write a math fact with permanent marker. Students pick up the duck and solve the fact.

Here's a picture of the exact duck pond and ducks we use, from Amazon.

Get the duck pond and ducks here:


Fishing to Learn

I also laminate fish and have students go fishing. I have a strong laminator, so I can actually put the laminated fish in water, damage-free! Test it out with an extra paper to see if it works!

I made fishing poles by tying strings to wooden poles and attaching a magnet to the bottom of the string. I put metal paper clips on each fish's mouth to attract the magnets. Students love to "fish" for math facts!

I put together a Fishing to Learn Math Bundle that contains fish for number recognition, number word, addition facts, subtraction facts, and multiplication facts. Get it here!


 Each set is also available individually. Get them here:

  Number Recognition Fish

 Number Word Fish


 Addition Facts Fish

 Subtraction Facts Fish


Multiplication Facts Fish

Do you use any fun activities like picking up ducks or fishing with your students? Share in the comments below!

Happy fishing!

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