Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poetry Project

Poetry. That dreaded word. It sends shivers down our students' spines. It even sends some teachers into cold sweats. 

I remember thinking I hated poetry in school, until my teacher introduced me to Shel Silverstein. I fell in love with poetry, and I was determined to make my students do the same.

I decided to host a poetry slam and to make a fun poetry project that would get my class interacting with poems. I could just teach them the different types of poems, but would they remember them? I started off the unit with a bag of candy and told the class we'd be learning about how to write candy poems. That got their attention! We wrote odes to their favorite candies, and they were starting to come to the dark side, hehehe.

I decided to create a whole poetry project with a component that teaches the types of poems and a forum that let students exercise their creativity and write each type of poem. 

I bought a pack of felt berets and a pack of sunglasses from Amazon.

Guess what? THEY. LOVED. IT. I loved it. My entire class could tell me all the types of poems by the end of the project.

Help your students develop a love for poetry with this fun poetry project and poet craft. 

  • First, teach the different types of poems using the "Types of Poetry" booklet and slides. 
  • Next, have students create their own poems using the "Collection of Original Poetry" student poetry booklets. Each booklet has the necessary number of lines for each type of poem, which provides appropriate scaffolding and makes a great assessment. 
  • Finally, students create a poet craft using their own faces. This craft gets attached to students' poetry booklets for a fun hallway display. 
  • This is a great project for back to school, National Poetry Month, to accompany a poetry unit, or even for the last week of school.
  • Host a poetry slam as a culminating poetry project. Invite parents or another class to watch students perform their favorite poems. Bring in a stool, spotlight, berets, and sunglasses, and watch students' poems come to life!
Get it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.

Do you have any fun things you do to teach poetry? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


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