Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lined Paper - All in one place!

I always felt frustrated at the amount of time it took me to find, collect, and copy lined paper for my multi-aged classroom. Each student needed a different sized line, but I wanted all the paper to match for hallways displays. I finally decided to just make my own!

The multi-age lined paper set I made contains the following:
4 line size options (Pre-K to Upper Elementary Grades)
4 color options (black, black with red bottom line, blue with red dashes, blue)
Lined set with picture boxes
Lined set without picture boxes
Portrait and landscape orientation
Each page has a margin-- perfect if you plan to photocopy a border onto any paper

Click here to download the set from my TpT Store ($5)

Soooo much easier now!

I sort my lined paper in these plastic containers with drawers. I recently bought these from Walmart, and I've seen them all over the place. I store the 4th-5th grade paper in the top drawers, 2nd-3rd grade paper in the middle drawers, and primary papers in the bottom drawers. That makes it easy for each student to reach. The drawers are clear, so they are easy to see. You could also cut a strip of the lined paper out and tape it to the front of the drawer as a label.

I hope that helps you, your students, and your sanity,

A Peach for the Teach

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