Saturday, August 17, 2013

ABC (Antecedent Behavior Consequence) Checklist + Intensity & Duration

When tracking behaviors, it is important to note the following things:
  • Frequency (how many times the behavior occurred) 
  • Duration (how long the behavior lasts)
  • Intensity (the extent to which the behavior occurs)
  • Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (A-B-C, what happens before the behavior, the behavior itself, consequences maintaining the behavior)
  • Function of the behavior (what the student gains/avoids as a result of the behavior) 
  • Setting of the behavior (where and when the behavior occurs)
This ABC Chart/Checklist provides a fast, easy, accurate way to track everything in one spot! Track behavior and anecdotal notes.

Check what happened before the behavior (ANTECEDENT), the behavior itself (BEHAVIOR), and what happened as a result (CONSEQUENCE).

Circle the intensity (1-5 scale) and indicate the duration (in minutes). There is a space below each box to write clarification or tally frequency.

The top of the page provides information about the time of day and setting. This is a valuable tool when formulating Functional Behavior Assessments. Use to help assess the function of the behavior. For example: "When (antecedent), the student will (behavior) in order to (escape/avoid/postpone... or gain access to...)"

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