Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NEW! 1st Grade Common Core Math "Badges"

As promised, I've uploaded my first grade common core "merit badges" to my TPT Store!

Motivate your students to master each standard of the Common Core by working for badges! There is a badge for each Common Core standard. When a student masters the "I Can" checklist, he/she earns the badge. Post badges on paper or felt vests and sashes (easy tutorials included), or charts. Makes a great hallway display, assessment tool, and parent resource!


-Merit Badges (one for each Common Core standard)
-"I Can.../I Know..." checklists in child-friendly (or parent-friendly!) language.
-Tables correlating the badges to the standards and "I Can.../I Know..." statements.
-Classroom posters with all badges for each competency
-How to make a vest (with pictures)
-How to make a sash (with pictures)


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