Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tricky Text Toolbox for Reading Comprehension- A Fun, Hands-On Reading Strategy

Introduce and reinforce reading fiction and non-fiction comprehension strategies with this fun twist on the SQ3R Reading Strategy! Students create foldable paper toolboxes to store their reading comprehension tools. Each reading tool is pictured with a description of a reading strategy. Use to introduce comprehension strategies, and allow students to reference their toolboxes for independent practice. These also may be used as colorful classroom posters!

Get it here:

A Peach for the Teach


  1. Brandi,
    Thanks for linking up with me for my Comprehension Strategy Linky. I use SQ3R with nonfiction, so I'll need to give this a good look. I'm sure it would help my students.
    Comprehension Connection

  2. Hi, Carla,

    You're welcome! Thanks for offering a linky! I hope it does help you and your students!