Saturday, August 17, 2013

Frequency and Interval Data Collection Sheet All-in-One

This data collection sheet provides an easy way to identify temporal patterns of behavior and take frequency and interval (percentage of time) data. Practical, quick data for resource room and inclusive settings!

1. Assign each behavior a number (e.g., Behavior 1= Profanity, Behavior # 2= Physical aggression) in the boxes at the top of the sheet.

2. Tally under the column for that behavior beside the time of day it occurs. (e.g., If the student uses profanity twice at 1:08, make two tally marks in column 1 beside the 1:00-1:15 interval.)

3. Tally the total number of times each behavior occurs daily, at the bottom of each behavior's column.

3. Calculate the percentage of time the behavior occurs by dividing the number of intervals marked by the number of possible intervals (__/42).

4. The sheet travels with the student all day long. All teachers or a student's one-on-one can tally easily.

(For example, "Johnny" used profanity 5 times at 9:00, 7 times at 9:30, 2 times at 10:00, 1 time at 12:00, and 1 time at 3:00. Frequency = 17. Intervals marked = 5. Five intervals marked out of the possible 42 intervals is 5/42, which equals 12% of the day)

I use this with my Behavior Data Excel Spreadsheet, which calculates a two-week total and average-- perfect for IEP goal monitoring. Check it out here:

Get it here:


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