Saturday, August 17, 2013

Common Core ELA and Math Badges, with "I Can" Checklists

Motivate your students to master each standard of the Common Core by working for badges!

There is a badge for each Common Core standard. When a student masters the "I Can" checklist, he/she earns the badge.

Post badges on paper or felt vests and sashes (easy tutorials included), or charts. Makes a great hallway display, assessment tool, and parent resource!


-Merit Badges (one for each Common Core standard)
-"I Can.../I Know..." checklists in child-friendly (or parent-friendly!) language.
-Tables correlating the badges to the standards and "I Can.../I Know..." statements.
-Classroom posters with all badges for each competency
-How to make a vest (with pictures)
-How to make a sash (with pictures)

**First Grade Common Core Math Badges are now available, too!! See below**

Check out my CCSS English/Language Arts and Math Common Core Badges here:

  • 2nd Grade ELA: COMING SOON!
  • 2nd Grade Math: COMING SOON!
  • 3rd Grade ELA: COMING SOON!
  • 3rd Grade Math: COMING SOON!
  • 4th Grade ELA: COMING SOON!
  • 4th Grade Math: COMING SOON!
  • 5th Grade ELA: COMING SOON!
  • 5th Grade Math: COMING SOON! 


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